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Optimize your driver and fleet safety with AI-powered dashcams

See the complete picture with the most intelligent dual-facing camera available. With MDMtoGO SafetyCams, you can  ensure your most valuable assets are protected – your people.

MDMtoGO AI-powered dashcams

RISK management

Reduce the risk and cost of accidents

Repair costs and insurance deductibles can add up. MDMtoGO Fleet and Dashcams can reduce both risk and cost of road events.

Reduce the risk and cost of accidents
Get visibility into unsafe driving activity

More visibility

Get visibility into unsafe driving activity

Event-generated videos with MDMtoGO Fleet let you spot unsafe driving activity, allowing you to coach your drivers to optimum safety.

driver management

Identify and coach unsafe drivers

Drivers are human, and sometimes have bad habits. Identify your high-risk drivers and correct behaviors before accidents may occur.

Identify and coach unsafe drivers
Get the whole picture

Increased Accuracy

Get the whole picture

Quickly investigate what happened before and after harsh driving events with evidence from our dual-facing cameras, helping you reduce frivolous claims.

Powerful AI-engine to detect unsafe driving behaviors and provides actionable insights.

The AI dashcam, featuring multi-sensor HD cameras, offers fleets live and recorded video evidence of harsh driving incidents. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision, it identifies distracted and unsafe driving,  providing real-time audio and visual alerts to assist drivers.

MDMtoGO AI dashcam

AI Driver Assistance

AI Driver Assistance provides real-time audio feedback and visual warnings for dangerous driving events.

Telematics Features

LIVE tracking, breadcrumb, breadcrumb replay, geofence and landmark functionality.

Distracted Driver Detection

Distracted Driver Detection with facial recognition technology that works during the day or night.


LIVE view streaming capabilities of the road and driver simultaneously (Up to ten minutes of streaming included)

Advanced Features Built for Safety

Smart Dash Camera

155° front-facing viewing angle, 120° driver-facing viewing angle (Dual-facing option only).

Event Detection

Hard braking, sudden acceleration, vibration, tampering, cornering, and impacts.

Auto Upload and Download

Camera auto-uploads footage 6 seconds before and 4 seconds after each harsh driving event.

On-Demand Video Retrieval

Video event playback for risky events.

Video Recording Length

48-70 hours of 1080p footage (can be extended by configuring video quality) recording.

Flexible Power

Powered through HW, CLA or OBD-II cable.

Easy Updates

Over the Air (OTA) system & firmware updates.

Microphone and Speaker

Built-in microphone and speaker.

The Smart Dashcam Choice for your Business

Dashcam for your drivers

Dashcam for your drivers
Distracted Driving

Be aware of risky behaviors and distracted driving that could result in road events.

Driver Rewards

Reward your safest and best drivers, resulting in better driver retention.

Driver Coaching

Real video examples will aid you in accurately coaching your drivers to success.

Building Trust

Back up drivers claims with footage that supports them.

Dashcam for your business

Dashcam for your business
Reduce Insurance Premiums

Costly insurance claims and accidents can be reduced
with MDMtoGO dashcams.

Protect Against Lawsuits

Frivolous lawsuits can be refuted, saving you time and

Employee safety

Your people are your prized asset, so ensure their safety with
MDMtoGO Dashcams.

Virtual eye-witness

See pre and post footage from road events so get the full picture of the scene.

MDMtoGO Testimonial

"We are a family run and co-owned business. I trust my technicians, but MDMtoGO helps me verify the information and encourage better driving habits."

Matt E
President and Co-owner

"MDMtoGO has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time."

Chris M

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