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Streamline your ELD Compliance Operations

Embrace ELD Compliance for seamless fleet management and enhanced road safety.

Reduce Violation Risks

Risk Management

Reduce Violation Risks

MDMtoGO ELD offers comprehensive insights, automated alerts, and conflict detection to help reduce violations and fines. Our solution enables back-office reporting, automatic alerts, and efficient compliance management, ultimately streamlining operations and saving costs for fleets. A trusted choice, we provide a user-friendly solution for compliance with FMCSA ELD mandate.


Stay FMCSA Compliant

For compliance assurance, you and your drivers can rest assured. MDMtoGO ELD not only complies with but surpasses FMCSA 395.15 regulations for Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). It also fulfills all the prerequisites of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. As an integral part of MDMtoGO’s fleet  solutions, our ELD is user-friendly, offering simplicity in operation while enhancing the ease and precision of log keeping.

Stay FMCSA Compliant
Take Proactive Decisions

Quick Actions

Take Proactive Decisions

From proactive alerts to comprehensive data, MDMtoGO’s ELD offers the information necessary to minimize violations and steer clear of fines. Avoid HOS violations, count on conflict detection to resolve discrepancies and leverage the power of automatic alerts to ensure the best decisions for your fleet are being made.

Driving efficiency and ensuring compliance

Reduce citations by


Improve transit time by


Driving efficiency and ensuring compliance

"We chose MDMtoGO because its solution was easiest to use, install and implement, helping us to become more efficient, increasing productivity and safety among our drivers. We’re really happy we made the switch."

Eric S

"With its real-time availability, MDMtoGO lets us operate our entire fleet as efficiently as possible and deliver superior customer service to our clients."

Denny W
General Manager

MDMtoGO Solutions

Empowering businesses at every step

Increase productivity

Boost Operational Efficiency

Our clients experience a significant uptick in productivity, thanks to precise monitoring of time spent on job sites, halts, travel durations, and delays caused by unexpected route changes.

Reduce liability

Reduce liability

Lower operational risks by decreasing mileage, enhancing driving safety, and ensuring vehicle use compliance, facilitated by ELDs for accurate logging and regulatory adherence.

Better resource utilization

Optimize Resource Utilization

Enhance the accuracy of travel time predictions to job sites, which in turn, optimizes vehicle allocation and dispatching decisions.

Effective maintenance

Streamline Maintenance Schedules

Simplify the process of logging driver vehicle inspections and monitoring maintenance timelines for your fleet.

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